Oklahoma State Firefighters Association

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Departments Conduct Elections for OSFA Convention Delegates

April 22nd, 2019 12:00 PM - 11:59 PM

Section 3. Not less than forty-five (45) days prior to the annual convention of the Association, the Fire Chief and the members of the fire department shall conduct an election for the purpose of selecting delegates and alternates to the annual convention of the Association. Such election shall be by secret ballot and each member of the fire department who is a member of the Association shall have an opportunity to place their name in nomination. After the election, all election results will be posted and each delegation shall elect a chairman who shall serve as the representative to the Association for a period of one year.

Section 4. Credentials of the delegates and alternates shall be sent to the Association ten (10) days prior to the date of the annual convention. No delegate or alternate shall be seated in the convention without credentials having been filed with the Association, unless he or she is seated by a majority vote of the recognized delegates of the convention. In the event a delegate cannot attend the Convention, an alternate from his or her city may be registered as a delegate, if approved by the Credentials Committee. The Credentials Committee shall make a determination arising from disputes in total membership in relation to the number of delegates allowed for each department. Such determination shall be subject to appeal to the Board and convention floor, respectively. To cast his or her vote, a delegate, or alternate, must be present in person and have his or her proper credentials. There shall be no voting by proxy.

Section 5. Any Title 11, Title 19, or Title 18 volunteer fire department whose municipality, county or corporate income to its general fund during a fiscal year is less than that ascribed in O.S. 11 §49-122 paragraph C (less than $25,000) may choose a one-day registration at the annual convention of the Association. The one-day registration shall be for the business meeting/voting session day only, which is generally on Saturday. The cost of the registration shall be one-third the cost of the normal convention registration rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. Any delegate wishing to attend the convention under the authority of this section must be pre-registered for the convention.