Oklahoma State Firefighters Association

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OSFA Convention Fishing Tournament

May 29th, 2019 5:00 AM - 3:00 PM

POSTPONED!  A new date will be announced when known.


5:00 a.m. Registration begins -
6:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. Fishing Tournament — Grand Lake, Wolf Creek -
963 16th St, Grove, OK 74344 -
$100/boat - 2 person teams

For more information contact: Gary Whitehead (918) 695-1812 or John McClelland (580) 716-5347

To receive free T-Shirt with registration, your registration must be received by May 8, 2019. 


1. RULES​: The following rules will be interpreted by the tournament director and/ or committee and all decisions are final. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.
2. ENTRY FEES​: Entry is $100.00 per team which includes big bass.
3. Eligibility: ​At least one member on the team must be a past or present
OSFA member. Only 2 people allowed per boat/team.
4. DEPARTURE/RETURN & HOURS:​ Tournament hours 5:45AM-3:00PM. Teams must remain at ramp of your choice until ten minutes prior to tournament starting. All teams can launch boat one time per event from a ramp of your choice on Grand Lake and must return before 3:00PM. Teams may return by water or trailer. There will be a check-in person in an orange vest make sure you are checked in before 3:00PM or your team will be given a late penalty. One pound per minute with a five minute max and then that team will be disqualified.
5. SCORING:​ 4 fish limit, 14 inch minimum, measured on a WIL-E-GO in a relaxed manner with the mouth closed and the tail lobes pinched and swept to reach the 14 inch mark. Only Largemouth, spotted and Smallmouth bass will be allowed. Ties will be broken by a total number of fish if a tie still exists then winnings will be split. Any bass not within the legal limit will result in a 2LB penalty plus a loss of that fish. NO DEAD FISH. If a dead fish is brought to the scales that team will be disqualified. Rulings will be final. All fish must be caught during tournament hours.
6. PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS​: Fishing from boat only, cannot leave boat in order to enter shallow areas or to retrieve a hooked fish. Fishing is confined to waters specified in the tournament. No fishing within 50 yards of another contestants anchored boat with trolling motor in up position, without permission of the first boat to arrive. At no time may a contestant cast a lure, closer than 25 ft., of another competitors boat. Partners must remain in sight of each other during tournament hours. In case of emergency, one or both contestants may return to weigh-in by means of another boat, provided it has a operating live well and the director must be notified of such prior to weighing
7. SAFETY & SPORTSMANSHIP:​ Safe boating and fishing practices must be observed at all times. Coastguard approved floatation device and kill switch must be worn anytime boat is on plane.
8. TACKLE & EQUIPMENT:​ Only artificial bait or lures and pork-style baits may be used. No trolling, or snagging, and fish must be caught on rod and reel with one (1) line per angler in the water at a time.
9. BOAT & MOTOR REQUIREMENTS: ​No pontoons allowed. Allowed are any brand of boats of 16’ minimum length, powered by a minimum of forty (40) horse- power, provided it has a working aerated live well and meets U.S. Coast Guard and State regulations.
10.WEIGH-IN:​ The official weigh-in will begin at 3:00 PM. Each team must check in with the Check-In person no later than 3:00PM. Teams without fish need not check in. Fish will only be accepted in the tournament provided bags. Accepting fish in any other bag would result in disqualification.
11.CULLING FISH:​ No team may maintain more than five (5) fish in the live well at any time. One member must attend to culling immediately, anytime any additional fish have entered the boat.
12.RESTRICTING, SEEDING, OR BAITING​: No restricting bass by any method which disallows natural movement throughout the entire impoundment, seeding bass from one impoundment to the tournament impoundment, or any coordinated effort in the use of live bait, in baiting holes for the means of attracting or maintaining bass.
13.NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES​: No alcoholic beverages allowed in possession during tournament.
14.PROTEST:​ Any protest must be in writing and filed with tournament officials prior to closing of the scales.
15.Have fun and return to ramp for a great meal cooked by award winning “Heavy Smoke Showing” smoking team.