OSFA Awards

OSFA David Bain Award  

Nominations must be received by April 29, 2019

Guidelines: The David Bain Award may be awarded at the annual convention to recognize any individual who has provided service both to their community and to the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association and who possesses attributes that coincide with involvement in youth programs through church, school, and/or community, provides a role model for other leaders, and has proven to be a person of courage and impeccable character. This award will be decided upon by the OSFA Executive Board from among the applications received not less than 45 days prior to the start of the convention.  Applications may be submitted at any time prior to the deadline.  If this award is presented, it shall be presented at the annual convention.

David Bain Award

Previous Honorees

  • 2005 Dana Cramer - Norman
  • 2007 Jerry Bower - Shawnee
  • 2008 Herb Bradshaw - Warr Acres
  • 2010 Michael Billingsley - Nichols Hills
  • 2012 T. Dick Cagle - Tulsa
  • 2014 Ray Hammons - Tahlequah
  • 2015 Pete Stavros (posthumously) - Oklahoma City
  • 2016 Larry Bogges - Lawton 

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Symbolical Meaning of David Bain Award Statue

        The fire alarm pull box has always been a pillar of the community

        The fire alarm pull box stands out in the community

        The fire alarm pull box is a place of safety

        The fire alarm pull box is always there when you need it

        When you are in trouble you can go to the fire alarm pull box for help

        When you activate the fire alarm pull box, you get immediate action

        Everyone knew where to find their fire alarm pull box

        Activating your fire alarm pull box meant that help was on the way

        The fire alarm pull box was always dependable

        The fire alarm pull box is the same as David’s badge number.




            Any firefighter: who performs acts of courage, bravery and/or valor: who goes above and beyond the call of duty: who performs an extraordinary act of bravery: who shows exemplary action while on or off duty.

Approved September 1995


MERITORIUS SERVICE AWARD: (The definition of merit is an excellent achievement, honor, value or quality that is deserving of approval.)

            Any person who has performed a service or deed beyond their normal duty in saving or attempting to save the life of another person or contributing to the safety and welfare of the general public. Persons whose vocation require them to perform acts of rescue are eligible if the act goes beyond the normal requirement.

Approved March 1983

Name Changed Sept 2016



Any non-firefighter who voluntarily risks his or her life in saving or attempting to save the life of another person.

Approved March 1983



            Presented to persons who are deemed worthy of his example, who have made a sincere dedicated effort  to improve working conditions, funding, training opportunities, and salaries and/or pensions for the firefighters of the State of Oklahoma.

Approved April 1988 (as amended in Feb 2016)


                         Christine V. "Sparky" Francis (Shey's wife)

                         Mary Elizabeth "Beth" Carrol - Ardmore

                         Senator Don Barrington - Lawton



Department/ Unit Citation    

            Presented to a Department/ Unit that has displayed gallantry, determination, and esprit de corps in accomplishing its mission under extremely difficult and hazardous conditions.

Approved February 2016



First In Last Out Award               

           Presented at convention each year.  This award shall be presented to a member of the Association who has demonstrated excellent service to the entire membership by and through attendance at annual conventions, committee work for the Association (Convention and/or Standing Committees), volunteer work for the Association (in the Museum or for OSFA in general), and exemplifies what it means to be a firefighter and a member of OSFA.  This award shall be decided on each year by the OSFA Executive Board in their January meeting to be presented at the next annual convention of the Associaton.

Approved February 2016


                                  2016 - Tom Low, Stillwater Fire Department

2017 - Richard Walts, Retired Ft. Sill Fire Department

2018 - Bud Shepherd, Retired Slaughterville Fire Department




Nominations for OSFA Awards may be made by any member of the Association by presenting documentation of the deed to the OSFA Executive Board for approval. Documentation may be letters, pictures, newspaper clippings, etc.