Join OK Fire Chiefs Association

Welcome Oklahoma Firefighters!

You are cordially invited to join the Oklahoma Fire Chiefs Association (OFCA) an organization that unites firefighters around the state through education, legislative activities and much more. And, you don't have to be a Chief Officer in order to join the OFCA. Membership is now open to ALL active members. As a special incentive, the OFCA Executive Board is offering a one year FREE membership to first-time members.

Annual OFCA Membership Dues Are:

  • $36 per year for Chief Officers/Shift Commanders
  • $26 per year for Retired Members
  • $18 per year for Sustaining Members*
  • FREE one-year membership for First-Time Members

Membership runs July 1 to June 30

Associate Members

Companies engaged in the manufacture or sale of apparatus, appliances or devices for fire prevention, fire protection, firefighting and governmental non-profit entities shall be eligible for associate membership in the Oklahoma Fire Chiefs Association upon Executive Board approval. Learn More

OFCA Membership Benefits

Membership benefits include a free subscription to The OFCA NewsTM, a publication delivered three times per year in which the Executive Board and other fire service leaders relay information to you about the legislative needs, training concerns and other news from the Oklahoma Fire Service.

Members also are invited to attend the annual Chief's Winter Workshop at a discounted rate (the workshop provides training to all who attend), as well as the Annual OFCA Conference (where the business of the association is conducted).

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*Sustaining Members shall be entitled to all privileges and benefits provided by the Association except they shall not be entitled to vote or hold office. Sustaining members shall include:

1. All active members of a regularly organized public, private or military fire department or other fire service agency.

2. Any member of a government public safety agency, including law enforcement, emergency medical services, emergency management, or public safety communications.

3. Fire Protection personnel from Oklahoma universities, colleges, or technical/vocational schools. 4. Oklahoma Department of Forestry management personnel assigned fire suppression responsibilities.

5. Fire protection personnel from state facilities, including hospitals, mental institutions, veterans homes or other organizations approved by the Executive Board.