COLA Bill Signed Into Law

Posted by Steve Lumry on 05/21/2020

The Oklahoma State Firefighters Association is pleased that the Legislature and Governor J. Kevin Stitt have passed HB 3350 by Avery Frix of the House and Roger Thompson of the Senate that provides a cost of living adjustment for Oklahoma Firefighters, Police, Teachers, and State Retirees.  Steve Lumry of the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association stated, “It was an honor to serve 30 years as a firefighter both as a volunteer and then as a career and it continues to be an honor to serve as the Executive Director of the oldest association in Oklahoma.  I know the struggles of proud retired firefighters and their widows that are my friends and colleagues who cannot afford to pay for their health insurance, medication and other necessities out of their pension checks. This cost of living adjustment is a reasonable measure that will give them some help while helping Oklahoma's economy.“  Governor Stitt said, “I’m proud to support our first responders, teachers, and state employees by approving the first cost of living adjustment in over a decade.”


Huge thank you’s go out to Representative Avery Frix, Representative Chris Kannady, Senator Roger Thompson, Senator Paul Rosino and all of the legislators who helped get HB3350 across the finish line.


This law will go into effect on July 1, 2020.  It will increase the pensions of most Oklahoma Firefighters.  Firefighters who have been retired less than two years will not receive a COLA.  Those retired 2 – 5 years will receive 2% and those retired 5 or more years will receive 4%.  It affects career and volunteers the same percentagewise.