History of the Memorial

OSFA Firefighters MemorialThe Oklahoma Fallen and Living Firefighters Memorial is located at the Oklahoma State Firefighters Museum, 2716 N.E. 50th St., in Oklahoma City. The Memorial, Just Another Day, honors all Oklahoma firefighters who have served our citizens since the inception of the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association in 1894. It was sculpted by artist Shahla Rahimi Reynolds of Oklahoma City. Learn More.

Recognizing All Oklahoma Firefighters

Firefighter names are being inscribed in granite and those firefighters who gave the supreme sacrifice have the special and most honored space reserved at the park, The Wall of Valor. The Memorial is unique in that all Oklahoma firefighters, who have served their communities for more than 20 years or retired through disability, are recognized.  Names on Memorial Walls.  Once the window opens, it is a pdf file and can be searched using control key and f at the same time.

Memorial Park Walkway

The Memorial Park walkway is the next major phase and will have alcoves for meditation purposes that depict different aspects of firefighters' courage. The walk will include honoring the rescue workers, both firefighters and non-firefighters alike, who assisted with the April 19, 1995, Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma Fallen and Living Firefighters Memorial News

Oklahoma Firefighter License Tags Support Memorial and Museum

Oklahoma Firefighter License Tags Support Memorial and Museum
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Limited Edition Memorial Knife Available in the Gift Shop

Limited Edition Memorial Knife Available in the Gift Shop
This limited edition knife honors the Fallen & Living Firefighter Memorial (proceeds benefit the Memorial). Read More

Memorial Keepsakes Now Available

Memorial Keepsakes Now Available
Available thanks to the donation of the Oklahoma City Retired Firefighters Association. Read More

Donate to the Memorial

Your Donation to the Oklahoma Fallen & Living Firefighters Memorial goes toward the maintenance of the grounds, facilities, pumps, fountains and lighting that make this Memorial more accessible and appreciated by all visitors. The Oklahoma Firefighters Memorial is an IRS qualified, 501(c)(3) organization so your donation is tax-deductible. 

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Qualifications for Memorial Walls:

The Oklahoma State Firefighters Association Executive Board (the Association responsible for the cost and maintenance of the Memorial) met and has established criteria for the names to be placed on the walls of the Oklahoma Fallen and Living Firefighters Memorial.  Every Oklahoma Firefighter who has given the supreme sacrifice by losing their lives in the line of duty; served 20 years in the pension system and OSFA; been placed on disability; or have been members of the OSFA for 20 years, will be honored and memorialized.  The Executive Board also took into account those firefighters from neighboring states that lost their lives while fighting fire or working an emergency with a Fire Department on Oklahoma soil by allowing those names to be placed on the Memorial. 

 Article 15 of the OSFA Constitution states:


Section 1. Inclusion on the Wall of Valor shall be applicable to Active Members, Active Life Members, and Pension Members, as defined in Article 2, Sections 2, 3, and 6 of the Constitution of the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association,who die from the following causes:

a) Any death where the member died of an injury incurred while engaged in emergency or non-emergency duties on the job.

b) Death of the member from a heart attack or stroke as a result of an emergency incident or non-emergency duties on the job or as a result of the job, when the heart attack or stroke occurs with twenty four(24) hours of the conclusion of the emergency incident or training exercise. c) Death of the member while off duty, but as a direct result of the performance of the functions of a firefighter at an emergency scene, or similar circumstances,(i.e. "Good Samaritan").

Section 2. If a non-member firefighter dies as a direct result of emergency activities of the non-member while operating at an emergency scene on Oklahoma soil, the firefighter may be considered by the Wall of Valor Committee for inclusion on the Wall of Valor.

Section 3. The Wall of Valor Committee shall be comprised of the Presidents, or their designees, of the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association, the Oklahoma Retired Firefighters Association, and the Oklahoma Fire Chiefs Association. This committee shall be chaired by the Executive Director of the organizations. The committee shall have the authority to determine as to whether or not a death falls within the categories listed above and the authority to rule on formal appeals.


Other Guidelines:

A. Firefighter killed in the line of duty (for placement on the Wall of Valor); or

B. Twenty year member of the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association and who has met the qualifications to retire; either from the State Firefighters Pension System or, if not in the State Firefighters Pension, the qualifications to retire from their fire department; or

C. Firefighter who is qualified to retire from a disability from an in line of duty injury; or

D. Firefighter License Plate purchased for twenty years through the Oklahoma Tax Commission; or

E. Firefighter Fee of $400 which is the amount that would be placed in the restricted account for firefighter license plates purchased over a twenty year period.  This fee helps to offset the cost for engraving and perpetual upkeep of the Memorial.


Names for the Memorial Walls (with the exception of the Wall of Valor) are selected randomly of those who meet the qualifications and have retired.  Anyone who has met the twenty year qualification and is still active but wishes to expedite the inclusion of their name may make a donation of $25 to hasten their inclusion.

Walls are only engraved when there are enough names to complete a full panel which is approximately 416 names.